Akashic Records Reading

45 MINUTES $99

The Akashic records are a vast database of your soul’s history. Accessing the Akashic records can be invaluable for discovering and healing certain patterns, discovering your soul mission, and reactivating latent skills and abilities from other lifetimes.

A session includes answering of any questions you have about your soul’s path, plus a chance to karmically clear away old patterns or wounds from other lifetimes that no longer serve your highest good. You may also ask to learn more about your guides or team of light beings, what choices in your life may lead to more beneficial outcomes, and helping you align with timelines that are in a higher vibrational state and therefore will bring you more love and abundance into your life.


I’ve had many life and health readings done by different people throughout the years, but only Kelly was able to get such specific information channeling and reading my Akashic records, which I later learned was true and very important for my healing. Unlike some people who do readings and give very general information, this was so specific, it left me shocked a year later when I learned it was true. Besides her ability to access information, I felt divine loving energy during and after the reading. It was a very powerful reading.
— Alena E.

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