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Awakening with
Source Light


We are in the age
of Awakening.

If you are reading this, then you have had those nudges from the core of your being saying: something is shifting. My dreams, my goals, my priorities are changing.

I want to know myself, heal myself, and expand myself. I want to be the most authentic, joyful version of myself possible. I realize there is something deep and important happening to me.

You may ask,

How do I awaken my soul to its fullest potential?

How do I fit these inner changes into my outer world?

How do I take care of myself physically, emotionally or
spiritually while I go through all these profound changes?


The goal is self-empowerment, freedom from fear and self-limiting beliefs, and a return to the pure state of divine Love and Light.


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I look forward to assisting you in this
magnificent journey of remembrance.