Kelly Kay is attuned to the Shamballa and Mahatma energies of unconditional love and the Ascended Masters.

This training is part of the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation School of Esoteric Sciences. These energies are some of the highest vibrational frequencies that humankind is currently able to channel safely. They bring us into a vibration of pure love and wholeness to eradicate fear from your system. Kelly is able to send the energies through her hands or over a distance, using her keen intuition to sense where imbalances are in your system, and allow your body and energetic field to naturally re-harmonize. Healing may occur on the physical, emotional, or spiritual level.

Energy work
Initial sessions include:

  • Complete chakra clearing, balancing and energizing using the energies of Shamballa (ascended Masters), Mahatma (Unconditional Love), and Arcturian healing light
  • Harmonization of physical complaints or pain
  • Balancing of your sacred geometry and spin of your subtle bodies
  • DNA clearing and activations
  • Clearing of any etheric lower vibrational energies such as entities, hooks, cords, spears, etc.
  • Clearing the mental body of limiting beliefs or fear based beliefs that are holding you back from your fullest potential
  • Crown activation and widening/strengthening your Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge, which is a cord of light that connects you to your higher self, your I AM presence and to Source. The stronger your Rainbow Bridge connection, the easier it is for you to hear your own guidance and stay in higher vibrational energies.
  • Heart chakra and High heart chakra activations to open the Cosmic Heart, which connects you to the deepest, purest Divine Love in the Cosmos
  • Open-ended, quantum manifestation of whatever is in your highest good at this time in your inner or outer world
  • Esoteric Acupuncture using needles of golden light in your energy body, Integration pattern to help you process and integrate all that is done during this session
  • Some sessions may include guidance from your team of Light and Love beings (although this is never forced and not guaranteed)

Distance Healing

10 sessions for $777

Your initial session with Kelly includes a 15 minute space to discuss your major goals or concerns at this time, followed by about 30 minutes of energy work, and a 15 minute follow up discussion period to go over any feedback or guidance from the session. Sessions are via the phone (if in the U.S.), Skype or FaceTime.


My first healing with Kelly was so profound. All of my fears, doubts and worries were washed away. I felt incredible. So full of light. I will never forget that experience. Kelly has a true gift. She is so loving, kind and compassionate. She makes you feel comfortable, as if you’re talking to a friend. Her healings have greatly assisted me on my journey. I always feel so much better and brighter after a session. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Kelly’s. Highly recommend!!
— Dalana - ON
I have had remote healing sessions with Kelly and have also taken her New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshop.

Kelly’s approach is so kind, gentle and empowering. I have found her healings and meditations very powerful and deeply transformative. I’d had some powerful in person Reiki sessions before, but not remote healings. Working with her in that initial remote session, she was so warm and high vibrational, and I could feel she was really tuned in to me. We talked about things going on in my life and anything I wanted her to focus on. After the healing, I felt so much release, and some very important things shifted. She identified my own developed natural healing gifts in my hands, and she encouraged me to work with that. I’d had Reiki treatments before, and had already been considering getting Reiki attunement, but I found the New Paradigm MDT work I got with Kelly was so pure and powerful I really felt even more drawn to that modality than to the Reiki.

Kelly is an earth angel who is truly on this earth to heal and empower others. She is the real deal, very gifted, and I recommend her very highly to anyone looking for energy healing or interested in developing their own healing gifts.
— Scott V., Michigan
Kelly has been a blessing to my life. I am forever grateful for her work and help during my healing process. My whole life I never met another practitioner who radiates such compassion, caring and light. I finally felt listened to and understood, which is so important for any healing, but is so rare. After my first acupuncture and energy work session with Kelly, years of anxiety left me and I felt such peace of mind and blissfulness that I’ve never felt before. 2 years later I continue to see her every once in a while for different things. Every time leaving her office lighter and rejuvenated.
— Alena E.

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