Kelly Kay offers personalized, one-on-one mentoring and coaching!

-Mentorship is for holistic practitioners or energy healers that are looking to take their practice to the next level.  Kelly Kay has been in the energy healing field for over 10 years, and has built a successful holistic healing practice.  She wants to share all of her skills with you, to help you earn a good living AND fulfill your soul calling to be a healing facilitator to the best of your ability!  

- Increase your practitioner skill set by learning any/all the techniques listed below in the energy healing portion, plus more such as crystal grid building, how to do earth healing, and working with higher dimensional beings!

- Learn key self-care techniques to increase your awareness and presence with a client, to better hold space and increase accuracy when diving into the nature of the block or disharmony for the client, and to allow yourself to see more clients without burnout

- Kelly can dive into your own blocks, fears, or limiting beliefs to unleash your natural healing skills from other lifetimes and allow the abundance to flow into your life easily and with gratitude!

- Focus on specific, proven business plans and marketing techniques to grow your business in an honest way, in alignment with your Divine plan!

The goal is to see a 10 times return on investment from increased income within one year as your practice builds with her guidance.  Mentorships are always personalized week by week depending on exactly what you need!  They are done over Zoom (online) or by phone, from anywhere, 90 minutes per week plus 'homework' to guide you through the week and access to pre-recorded informational videos, with weekend and evening hours to suit your busy schedule.

Coaching is for anyone experiencing major life changes and wanting spiritual support, guidance and healing.

Are you going through a major life event such as divorce, career change, or death of a loved one?  Have you had a huge spiritual awakening that has rocked your world, or left you in a dark night of soul, feeling confused and lost about who you are?

Coaching sessions are tailored to exactly what you need.  They are 60 minutes per week, online or on the phone.  They include plenty of time to discuss and release emotionally, while Kelly does energy work to clear and harmonize what is happening energetically as you discuss your life.  Kelly then gives techniques to help you through the week, to balance your inner and outer world, and restore harmony.

The energy work portion of the sessions include:

  • Complete chakra clearing, balancing and energizing using the energies of Shamballa (ascended Masters), Mahatma (Unconditional Love), and Arcturian healing light
  • Harmonization of physical complaints or pain
  • Balancing of your sacred geometry and spin of your subtle bodies
  • DNA clearing and activations
  • Clearing of any etheric lower vibrational energies such as entities, hooks, cords, spears, etc.
  • Clearing the mental body of limiting beliefs or fear based beliefs that are holding you back from your fullest potential
  • Crown activation and widening/strengthening your Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge, which is a cord of light that connects you to your higher self, your I AM presence and to Source. The stronger your Rainbow Bridge connection, the easier it is for you to hear your own guidance and stay in higher vibrational energies.
  • Heart chakra and High heart chakra activations to open the Cosmic Heart, which connects you to the deepest, purest Divine Love in the Cosmos
  • Open-ended, quantum manifestation of whatever is in your highest good at this time in your inner or outer world
  • Esoteric Acupuncture using needles of golden light in your energy body, Integration pattern to help you process and integrate all that is done during this session
  • Hawaiian Huna shamanic journeys to heal past traumas and wounds
  • Some sessions may include guidance from your team of Light and Love beings 

Do you have more questions, or want to chat with Kelly to see if your energy is a match?  Give her a call at 773-682-7124, and she will give you a free 15 minute consultation and see how either of these programs might work for you!

Or do you know in your heart that it's time for this support from Kelly and the entire, vast Divine Team that she works with?  Sign up below!


9-Week Online Spiritual Coaching
& Energy Healing Sessions


9-Week Online Business Coaching & Energy Work Training for Holistic Professionals



My first healing with Kelly was so profound. All of my fears, doubts and worries were washed away. I felt incredible. So full of light. I will never forget that experience. Kelly has a true gift. She is so loving, kind and compassionate. She makes you feel comfortable, as if you’re talking to a friend. Her healings have greatly assisted me on my journey. I always feel so much better and brighter after a session. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Kelly’s. Highly recommend!!
— Dalana - ON

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