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Basic Master Workshop

This two day workshop, led by Kelly Kay (Certified New Paradigm MDT Basic Master teacher), consists of meditations, chakra clearings and activations, and working with the Archangels and St. Germain to ground the very powerful Mahatma and Shamballa energies within your body. It reinforces the connection to your I AM presence, your monadic self (an even higher level than your 'higher self').

What is Mahatma
& Shamballa energy? 

Within the last 20 years, the Earth's vibration and humanity's vibration have been increasing. This allows for even higher vibrational healing energies to be used by us at this time.  The Mahatma energy is a 9th dimensional energy of pure, unconditional love that powerfully heals and uplifts. The Shamballa energy is the energy of the Mother/Father creator, the energy of Ascension, of Oneness. You will also learn how to work with the transformative Violet flame of St. Germain, which clears old karma and old wounds from our system instantaneously. When used together, these energies can powerfully heal, transform, and move your life into a whole new vibrational level!  While these energies may be used to heal others, they may also be used daily as a meditation practice to heal and balance yourself and move yourself along your healing or spiritual ascension path.


will include:

  • DNA clearings and activations
  • Lightbody and Antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge) activations
  • Advanced 12 chakra system clearings and activations
  • Archangel clearings and groundings
  • Violet flame clearings
  • 4 Shamballa and 2 Mahatma activations
  • Practice grounding and using the energy, so that it flows and 'sticks' in your system
  • Training and practice in using the energy to send over a distance using a crystal (distance healing)
  • If time allows, many more!

Course duration:
2 days (8 hours a day)


This workshop is truly
amazing AND life changing.

A gift for anyone on their spiritual path,
and a boon for any healer!




Deposit of $75 required to hold your spot. Space is limited, class size is capped at 5.


Your deposit is not refunded if cancellation is made less than two weeks before the scheduled date.

The deposit is non-refundable, but can be used towards a future workshop with me if desired.


Life-changing! New Paradigm MDT as a spiritual workshop is one of the best things you can do if you’re on the spiritual path and really want to embrace living your most authentic life. It doesn’t come without some challenges and heart wrenching moments, but after taking it once you feel a shift. A great shift that is personal and your own. I have taken it three times (not necessary, but I’ve had the opportunity to do so) with Kelly and I can tell you every time has been incredibly healing. Taking the workshop with Kelly is great because she is a natural channeler. As a previous skeptic and a woman who still uses discernment on this path, I can tell you Kelly is the real deal! She is also grounded and makes you feel like the space is very safe. In addition, Kelly is highly educated and can give you the scientific explanations as well as spiritual ones because she has read so many books and has done several workshops herself. She is a learner at heart and in turn, makes you feel confident in her abilities and knowledge as a healer. I have referred her acupuncture and energy healing as well as her workshops to several of my friends. If you’re reading this, your soul is curious. And if you’re ready to shift and get closer to yourself, Kelly and New Paradigm MDT is the best thing you could do.
— T. R.

Learn to channel the very high vibrational
Mahatma and Shamballa energies while
powerfully clearing your energy fields