New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation is an energy school that is about living a life of freedom, limitlessness, and love without conditions.

What is Mahatma & Shamballa energy? 

Within the last 20 years, the Earth's vibration and humanity's vibration have been increasing. This allows for even higher vibrational healing energies to be used by us at this time. The Mahatma energy is a 9th dimensional energy of pure, unconditional love that powerfully heals and uplifts. The Shamballa energy is the energy of the Mother/Father creator, the energy of Ascension, of Oneness. You will also learn how to work with the transformative Violet flame of St. Germain, which clears old karma and old wounds from our system instantaneously. When used together, these energies can powerfully heal, transform, and move your life into a whole new vibrational level!  While these energies may be used to heal others, they may also be used daily as a meditation practice to heal and balance yourself and move yourself along your healing or spiritual ascension path.




The 2 day introduction to the high vibrational energies of Source light and love (Shamballa and Mahatma), which can be utilized to facilitate healing or to expand your ability to assist in keeping your vibration in Unconditional Love and Freedom.


4 day course is an intensive expansion of your consciousness. Dramatically increases your ability to hold love and light in your physical body and beyond.  Clears and attunes you to energies on the 5th-13th dimensions, the highest we can safely go at this time. 

basic master teacher

3 day course for those who want to become certified New Paradigm MDT Basic Master teachers and share the love and joy with others!  Must have taken the Basic Master course already (from any teacher).

Kelly’s approach is so kind, gentle and empowering. I have found her healings and meditations very powerful and deeply transformative. I’d had some powerful in person Reiki sessions before, but not remote healings. Working with her in that initial remote session, she was so warm and high vibrational, and I could feel she was really tuned in to me. We talked about things going on in my life and anything I wanted her to focus on. After the healing, I felt so much release, and some very important things shifted. She identified my own developed natural healing gifts in my hands, and she encouraged me to work with that. I’d had Reiki treatments before, and had already been considering getting Reiki attunement, but I found the New Paradigm MDT work I got with Kelly was so pure and powerful I really felt even more drawn to that modality than to the Reiki. I participated in Kelly’s New Paradigm MDT workshop/attunement some months later. It has been truly life changing, and I am now doing healing for myself and for others, as well as animals. Kelly is a wonderful teacher as well as healer. Working with her in person and getting a chance to spend some quality time with her, I found her to be a very high vibrational person, and as kind and sincere in person as in her practice.
— Scott V.